IDS Partnership

You can download the curriculum and “test drive” the technology via our sandbox on a limited, 2-week trial basis, but actual classroom implementation requires training and technical support, both of which are currently only offered to IDS partners on a fee-for-service basis. Our technology team cannot provide ongoing support for non-partnership teachers.

In order to implement the curriculum in your classroom, your district/school leadership would need to apply for IDS partnership. We are currently partnering with districts within California, as the mandatory training takes place in Los Angeles throughout the academic year. If you are not in California but still interested in partnership, please contact the IDS team at

For more information on application requirements and cost, please continue reading the FAQ below, or download it here.

IDS Partnership FAQ

How and when can our district/school apply for partnership?

A district/school can apply for IDS partnership after attending both:
a.) the IDS Informational Meeting, scheduled annually in November (specific date announced each September); and
b.) the IDS Partnership Seminar, which will take place the following January.

To be added to the list for the next IDS Informational Meeting, click here.

What is the cost/fee structure for partnership (i.e., PD, curriculum, technology costs)?

See the IDS Partnership Cost Structure for costs and services for the current 2018-2020 partnership.

Please note that these costs and services apply to partnerships that started in the 2018-2019 school year, and may change for subsequent years.

What criteria must be met in order to be considered eligible for partnership?

Click here for the IDS Partnership Application Criteria for the 2018-2020 cohort.

Please note that these criteria apply to partnerships that started in the 2018-2019 school year, and may change for subsequent years.

What kind of support would our district/school receive should we be chosen?

  • 9 days of PD in Year 1, with an emphasis on how to implement curriculum
  • 4 days of PD in Year 2, with an emphasis on content and skills for teachers
  • 4 hours of complementary PD for 2 administrators and/or counselors
  • Monthly virtual office hours
  • LOCUS (Levels of Conceptual Understanding in Statistics) assessment access

For additional details, see the current  IDS Partnership Cost Structure document.

For questions regarding IDS curriculum content, structure, and essential concepts, please continue to browse through this website. This site provides a detailed description the curriculum, the California Common Core Standards it addresses, and related technology.

For any questions/concerns not answered here, contact us at